Biofach / Gulfood

Please meet us at the

  • Biofach, 13th of Februari 2020, Nürnberg (Germany)
  • Gulfood, 16th/17th of Februari 2020, Dubai (UAE)

For an appointment, please contact us. 


LenersanPoortman is trading the following commodities for Pet Food. Both from stock and directly from origin.


Anisseeds, Amaranth, Buckwheat, Canaryseed, Carrot seed, Chiaseed, Cypressseed, Flaxseed, Hempseed, Lettuce seed, Linseed, Melonseed, Milletseed, Milletsprays, Nigerseed, Panicum, Poppyseed, Pumpkinseed, Radishseed, Rape seed, Safflowerseed, Spinach seed, Sunflowerseed, Thistleseed, Turnipseed


Barley, Dari, Maize, Maize flakes, Oats, Oat flakes, Paddy rice, Rice, Sorghum, Wheat


Bean flakes, Carob cubes, Chickpeas, Dark red kidney beans, Dunpeas, Lentils, Maple peas, Mungbeans, Pea flakes, Peas green, Peas yellow, Soy beans, Tic beans, Vetches, Winter peas


Cedar Nuts, Cuttlefish bones, Dried Fruits, Dried Vegetables, Gammarus, Groundnuts, Mealworms, Shrimps, Silk worms, Tiger nuts, Tobacco Stalks

Meet our FEED-team

Mr. Guy van Heck
Senior Trader
T. +31786220656

Mr. Jaap-Jan Verhoeven
T. +31786220640

Mr. Daan van de Sande
Junior Accountmanager
Buckwheat & Vegetable seeds
T. +31786220649