LenersanPoortman is an importer of food and feed ingredients. Directly from source and through our own warehouse in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, we supply our ingredients to the world. From 1 pallet to full container loads. Worldwide.


LenersanPoortman was founded in 1803 as Lenersan & Co’s Exporthandel N.V. and traded in grains, seeds, legumes, products for human consumption, animal feed and by-products.

Poortman N.V. was founded in 1868; Lenersan and Poortman merged in 1969. In 1973 LenersanPoortman was taken over by the Swiss company SiberHegner. The company, located in Rotterdam, built new premises and a factory in Dordrecht, which was opened in 1978. The main reason for the relocation was the location next to the Merwede river.

In 1982 Holland Diervoeders was also incorporated. SiberHegner in the meantime merged with Diethelm Keller. The two companies, Holland Diervoeders and LenersanPoortman, now operated together under the name DKSH Netherlands B.V. from Dordrecht. In 2011 DKSH Netherlands B.V. was sold to Group Depre.

The trade name LenersanPoortman was re-introduced for the activities of the trade department.

Meet Team-LP

Our team of experts in trading, sourcing, storage and processing tries to add value for customer and supplier in every step of the chain.

Director of Trade

Mrs. Caroline Depré
T. +31786220622


Mr. Hans van Genderen
Senior Trader
Product group(s): Seeds & Spices
T. +31786220642

Mr. Timo Waardenburg
Senior Trader
Product group(s): Spices & Herbs
T. +31786220646

Mr. Guido Noorlander
Senior Trader
Product group(s): Pulses, Dried Fruits & Dried Vegetables
T. +31786220631

Mr. Martin Bostelaar
Product group(s): Pulses
T. +31786220633

Mr. Joost Bakker
Product group(s): Organic seeds & hempseed
T. +31786220639

Mr. Rinus Schouten
Senior Accountmanager
T. +31786220641

Mr. Erwin Westveer
Product group(s): Dried fruit & Edible nuts
T. +31786220634


Mr. Guy van Heck
Senior Trader
Product group(s): Seeds
T. +31786220656

Mr. Jaap-Jan Verhoeven
Product group(s): Grains & Pulses
T. +31786220640

Quality Department

Mrs. Els Beda
Quality Manager
T. +31786220622

Mrs. Ingrid Leussink
A-QC Officer
T. +31786220622


Mr. Fabian Steinvoort
T. +31786220622

Mrs. Nelleke Kruithof
T. +31786220622

Mrs. Francisca Puente-Blom
T. +31786220622

Mr. Marcel Maaskant
T. +31786220670

Mrs. Lorainne Botha
T. +31786220622


Mr. Stijn Bes
Head of finance
T. +31786220622

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