Dehydrated Pineapple

Origin: Thailand

Dehydrated pineapple is mostly produced from the cores of fresh pineapple. A rest product of the canning industry in Thailand. The product is soaked in a solution of water and cane sugar and afterwards dehydrated to make the product ready to store and have it’s nice structure. The product is for example used in breakfast mixtures and although it’s food quality it finds it’s way to rodent and bird-feeding as well.


FOOD : Breakfast-mixes, Nut-mixes

Pet food : Rodent-feed, Bird-feed


Appearence: yellow, free-flowing, soft-texture

Shape: dices, slices, rings, tid-bits

Propterties: Available with or without So2

Ingredients: pineapple core, cane sugar, citric acid (E330) and possibly So2.

Nutritional Value

Per 100 gram, in avarage, as per USDA nutrient data sheet.

Energy335 kcal
Total fat0 g.
– Saturated fat0 g.
– Transfatty acid0 g.
Cholesterol0 g.
Sodium206 mg.
Total carbohydrates83 g.
– Dietary fibre3 g.
– Sugars75 g.
Protein0 g.


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