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Feed and Food

LenersanPoortman is a stockholding wholesale importer/distributor for feed and food commodities. Our product range consists of over 100 products, ranging from seeds and grains for birdfeed, pigeon and rodent feed, to products for human consumption such as beans, lentils, pulses, nuts, dried vegetables, herbs, spices and bakery seeds.

High Pressure Treatment

In 1999, our company built an autoclave in order to control pests in an ecological and environmentally friendly manner. The process is based on treatment with CO2 in combination with high pressure (>20 bar). No pesticides or any other undesirable chemical components are used during this process. We can handle both bulk and packaged products on pallets. Pests in goods are eliminated within 4 hours, which is a very fast and effective method of pest control and the destruction of their eggs.